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Video of The Mindfulness Orchestra

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

A big thank you to talented film maker and videographer John Perthuis who put this edit together for me.

The footage is from the concert: Life on Earth and the Journey WIthin, October 21 2018. It was great to see so many guests, all enjoying a deeply immersive music experience. It was months in the making, during which I developed five mindfulness scores, found and rehearsed musicians and participated in marketing and promotions. Learning curve there.

See more of Johns work at:

The Mindfulness Orchestra fuses meditation, field recordings, sound art, classical instrumentation and vocals to create immersive and beautiful sound-worlds. Let the sounds of rain, forests, oceans and rivers... together with talented musicians and singers, take you on a meditative journey.

Performers: Wayne Joseph Kington: composer, piano, sound design, lyrics Beeta Vahdat: alto, lyrics, branding of show and promotions Kirsty Morphett: Mezzo-soprano Jackson Fumberger: electric violin Manning Peart: clarinet

Darius Kedros: sound engineer John Perthuis: videographer

Funded by: IgiteLAB Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

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