I’m passionate about music that brings people immersive experiences. For me, music is the perfect gateway to deeper feeling and I like to create soundworlds that draw the listener in.


I enjoy exploring the role of mindfulness in music creation and performance and this has underpinned my masters in music (composition) at the Melbourne Conseratorium of Music.

See biographical highlights below.

Album production: Arranging, recording, mixing and mastering several tracks for Byron Bay artist Morthern Spears. 2019.


Newport folk festival: I was requested to facilitate the development and performance of two mindfulness-based compositions with members of the community, to create an immersive musical experience for festival participants. June 2019.

Launch of the new Melbourne Conservatorium Building: Performance of my piece ‘moments of congruence’ to various VIP guests.

Recipient of IgniteLAB Creativity grant: To write and perform five mindfulness-based scores and develop an immersive concert event in St Kilda for members of the general community.  October 2018.

Grainger commission: Chosen for the Grainger Museum/MSD/Science Gallery Composer Commissions 2018 for the development of a work to be performed in the Grainger museum courtyard and to form part of an art installation. 2018.


Stillness|Perfection: Development of a soundtrack for artist Lucy McRae for a trailer for the Science Gallery exhibition 'Perfection'. August 2018.


New Stage: Performance of two piano trio compositions at New Stage. New Stage is a concert series bringing contemporary classical music to local band venues. 2018.

Mysterious tide: Development of a composition for percussionist Therese Ng for Marimba and string quartet. Performed in Melbourne and Holland. 2017.


Water, Arc, Sky: Performance of three piano trios at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Melba Hall. 2016.

The Enduring Earth: Composition for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  October 2015.

Why do you Mourn?: Composition for the Melbourne Women's Choir performed at Choir@Montsalvat 2015.


Inside-out: The development of a soundtrack for a film entered into Tropscore. 2012.


Wheel of the Sky: Composition for Bassoon, Piano, Soprano and Violin. Performed at the Ian Hanger Recital Hall. 28th May 2009.

On the Whim of Finn: Composition for String Quartet. Performed at the Ian Hanger Recital Hall, 4th June, 2008.

Milieu: Group installation and performance exhibition at ‘White Canvas Gallery’: including collaborations with photographers, visual artists, a choir and movement artists. 2010.

Wakikiri: Collaboration with renown Queensland artists Steve Weis and Moto Niwa to assist Kin Kin school children to make sound art. 2011.

Swamp Cartography: Development of a soundtrack for a short documentary about Brisbane artist Rebecca Ward. 2010.


The Sublime: Composition and production of an Album featuring my sound art. 2010.

Self-appointed Destiny: Composition and production of an Album featuring my piano works. 2010.


Memoirs of a Physician: Development of a soundtrack for theatre to be performed live. Memoirs of a Physician was an Arts Queensland Creative Fellowship theatre project by well-respected Australian theatre director Michael Futcher. 2009.

Mistress Mandarella's New Boots: Composer and musical director. Performed at the Brisbane Powerhouse. 2007.

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